Inclusion, Engagement, and Transformation

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The resources provided by the Transfer Student Program ensures that UC Berkeley admitted transfer students understand how to successfully manage the transition, navigate the research university, and fully engage in the university experience. Each fall approximately 3800 new transfer students are admitted, representing  twenty percent of the undergraduate population at Cal. We are pleased to welcome and serve this growing and thriving community at Cal.


Inclusion & Access

California community College students interested in applying to Cal as transfer students can participate in the Starting Point Mentorships Program. This program matches a current Cal student mentor with a community college student. Mentors share insights, experiences, and help answer questions students have about the application process.

The Transfer Student Guide is designed to assist new transfer students with navigating the transition to Cal and preparing for the first semester. Helpful tips, advice from continuing students, and information about housing, financial aid, selecting courses, academic support, and campus resources is provided.

We first connect with newly admitted transfer students via a welcome message on MyBerkeley Application. The summer orientation program, CalSO, provides an opportunity to meet new students and share information on our services. Although students are not required to attend orientation, we strongly encourage them to do so.


Transition & Navigation

A one-unit transition course is a great way to learn about the university and its resources.
Education 198 : Transitioning to Cal: An Introduction to the Research University for Transfer Students is a 1 unit pass/not pass course available to first semester transfers.  This course is designed to help facilitate your transition to Cal by introducing you to many aspects of the research university, helping you negotiate the transition to a new campus culture, and identifying academic skills and strategies that are key to success in upper division coursework. Work with other new transfers as you successfully negotiate your first semester at Cal.

If you have questions regarding your transition to Cal, need help finding resources, want to connect with other students, learn more about student life, discuss career interests and options, and more, then meet with an advisor at the Transfer, Re-entry, and Student Parent Center for a  Drop in or schedule appointment. Advisors can assist with problem solving, navigating the bureaucracy, referrals and other general advising issues.

Questions just before the start of the semester? Then please join us for our
Transitioning to Berkeley and Welcome Week Workshop Series. The Transitioning to Berkeley Workshops provide a great opportunity to get answers to questions you may have just before the term begins. Hear what other continuing transfer students have to say about the academic transition, managing upper-division coursework, talking with professors and preparing for exams. No sign up is required. Welcome Week Workshops for New Transfers help you create a balanced course load, navigate Cal’s bureacracy and assists with enrollment questions and concerns. No sign up is required.

Learn about some of the adjustments you may be making as you transition from your former college to Cal by reviewing Differences between Cal and Community College. This one page document highlights some of the differences in policy and procedure, advising, career planning, campus culture and the academic pace.

One of the best resources for a new transfer student is a continuing transfer student in the same major who know what it’s like to transition to Cal and can offer insights and advice for success in the major. The Major Insights Mentoring program connects new transfer students with continuing transfer students in the same major. Mentors meet once or twice with new transfers at the start of the semester and discuss their experience with upper division coursework in the major, academic expectations at Cal, midterm exams, working with faculty and graduate student instructors and much more. To sign up send a request to

Many transfer students are commuters. Stay connected to campus life by getting involved with commuter student events and information. The commuter student website provides useful tips  on parking, , public transportation, alternative options, and much more.


Engagement & Connection

Become a mentor with the Major Insights Mentoring Program and assist a first semester transfer student in your major. Mentors help new transfers learn about academic expectations and the in’s and out’s of being an upper division student in the major. Mentors must complete a full year of coursework at Cal to qualify. To learn more about the program or sign up, send an email to

Another great mentoring opportunity is the The Starting Point Mentorship program. This program connects California community college students with current Cal students. Mentors share insights, experiences, and help answer questions students have about applying to Cal.

Internship Opportunities at TRSP
Specific service-learning projects are developed each semester based on the needs and priorities of the Transfer Services Program. Examples of internship projects include updating the Transfer Student Guide, Education 198 classroom assistant, front desk peer advocate, compiling information on graduate and professional school preparation, developing a majors information guide, developing an information board on internship and externship opportunities, organizing community building events and more. Your interests and skills are the basis for identifying a suitable internship project.

For help with planning next steps after graduation enroll in the one unit Culminating the Cal Experience course offered in the spring semester. The Peer Leadership and Mentoring in the Classroom course helps students prepare to be co-facilitators in the transition courses and is available for 2 units of academic credit.

Building community and connecting with other students will be an important part of your success at Cal. The Transfer, Re-entry and Student Parent Center provides an essential campus space where students can connect with other students, engage in informal study groups, form friendships, celebrate successes and strategize over the challenges. Community Building Events are an additional way of bringing students together, creating community and connection, giving students an opportunity to relax and have fun, and provide useful information on resources and opportunities of benefit to the transfer student community. Learn about events by joining our Facebook page.

Are you interested in traveling aboard or undergraduate research opportunities? Beginning the third week of the semester, please join us for the Academic and Enrichment Workshop Series.  Representatives from various enrichment programs facilitate a one-hour workshop on opportunities for transfer students to travel abroad, get involved in internships, participate in undergraduate research and more. Other topics include academic and graduate school preparation. For a complete list of scheduled workshops, please review the AEWS calendar available in the 3rd week of the semester.

Key campus partners provide a network of support that promotes success and achievement for transfer students at Cal.. The Cesar Chavez Student Center is home to many key student services unit including the Student Learning Center, Multicultural Student Development, Student Life Advising/EOP services, The Disabled Students' Program, and the Gender Equity Resource Center   
Other key resources on campus are the Career Center and for our international transfer student community, the Berkeley International Office

Get involved with student organizations such as The Re-entry, and Transfer Student Association, Colectiva, and Rise.  These organizations provide a space for leadership development and community connection.


Contribution & Achievement

Check out these opportunities immediately!

New Leader Scholars
EOP Financial Assistance
Chicana Latina Foundation
Haas Scholars
Sage Scholars
McNair Scholars
Biology Scholars Program
Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship
Undergraduate Research at Berkeley
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