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Student Parent Resources @ UC Berkeley
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100 Cesar Chavez Student Center
Regular Hours: 9-5 Monday-Friday Summer hours 10-4

Student Parent Resources @ UC Berkeley

The Student Parent Center is a unique resource for students who are combining school and parenting. If you will be coming to Berkeley with your family, we extend you a warm welcome from a network of student parents (some with new born babes, others with their own kids in college, and everything in between). We are looking forward to answering questions and sharing information and resources in support of your transition to Cal.

Here are some options for beginning a dialogue with Student Parent Center staff, interns, and current students:

1. Come to the Student Parent Center at 100 Cesar Chavez and talk to current Berkeley student parents.

2. E-mail Student Parent Program staff (former Cal student parents) at studentparents@berkeley.edu

3. Call us at 510-643-5729 to make an appointment to come in to meet and talk in person!
Our summer hours will be 10-4, Monday-Friday, from Monday May 21st through Friday, August 10th (then we're back to a 9-5 schedule).

4. Facebook: Connect with current Cal Student Parents

Student Parent Center staff and interns are available to provide information and support from the time you receive your offer of admissions until you have that Berkeley degree in hand. You can call, send e-mail or drop-in at the Student Parent Center. If you have questions or run into any difficulties in obtaining family housing, child care, financial aid, dependent health insurance, transferring benefits between counties or just figuring out how to navigate all the "Bears", like tele-bears and bear facts. Not to mention CARS, DARS and MyFinAid!

Summer Orientation(s):

1. Summer CalSO Orientation
If you choose to participate in the campus CalSO Orientations, check out Student Parent resources during the Enrichment Workshops.

2. Student Parent Summer Orientation Workshop, Saturday June 21, 2014.
Click here to RSVP. **Children and/or family members, are welcome, so please rsvp with the number of guests and children's ages.

Agenda for Saturday, June 21st
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
1) Putting together the essentials for your Family: Housing options, Finding/qualifying for Child Care, Local Schools, Dependent Health Care and related Family Resources
2) Financial Aid 101: Independent Students with Dependents: Information on maximizing all sources of financial aid, including student parent grants, student contribution appeals (if your income will be changing in the coming academic year), budget appeals for expenses beyond a standard student budget and allowable family-related expenses.
3) Thriving (not just surviving) at Cal: Reduced course loads, academic enrichment and research opportunities, plus strategies for balancing academic engagement with work and family needs and expectations.
Location: 100 Cesar Chavez Student Center

And in case you're up in the air about family housing or UC Child Care here's some basic information to get you started:

Family Housing:
There is university owned family housing for students with children (married and not married, single and not-single parents). Your primary eligibility documentation will be based on providing a copy of your child/children's birth certificate. Family Housing is located in University Village in the City of Albany (with direct bus service to campus). Families are eligible to enroll in Albany Schools, which include a pre-school, on-site elementary school, after-school programs and a Teen center.

Apply online and take a tour

UC Early Childhood Education Programs:
If you are applying to the University sponsored Early Childhood Education Program, spaces start being assigned in mid-May, so apply now! The applications can be downloaded here: and you can email the student parent program if you have questions about the documentation needed to complete the subsidized child care application.

Financial Aid tips relevant to Student Parents:
Grants: If you qualify for need-based aid, the financial aid office provides a student parent grant (of up to 8,600) over and above other grants that you may be eligible for.

Student Contribution Appeal: If the income (and/or a spouses income) that you documented for your FAFSA application (on which your initial financial aid offer will be based) will be changing when you start school, you can update your financial information using this appeal form, which may result in additional grant or loan eligibility.

Verification: As an independent student with dependents, you'll be required to go through a verification process to document your income and establish that you have a dependent (provide a birth certificate).

Budget Appeals for family expenses: Student parents are initially packaged based on the same set of expenses provided for in a "standard student budget". Students who are eligible for need-based awards and have family-related expenses can submit a Budget Appeal to request an increased award level to help cover child care, housing, and other family maintenance expenses (like food, clothing, transportation). Student Parent Center staff and interns can assist you with navigating through any/all of these forms and eligibility procedures.

Congratulations on the accomplishments that have brought you to Berkeley, and we look forward to meeting you in person!

Location: 100 Cesar Chavez Student Center

100 César Chávez Student Center
Hours: Regular hours: 9-5 Monday-Friday / Summer hours: 10-4 Monday-Friday









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